Hackney Family Tree

Edward Plantagenet + Eleanor Ivrea

16 children
Henry Plantagenet
Birth: May 6, 1268 28 27Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England
Death: October 16, 1274Guildford, England
Eleanor Plantagenet
Birth: June 18, 1269 30 28Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire
Title: Of England, Countess Of Bar
Occupation: Countess of Bar1293France
Death: August 29, 1298Ghent, County of Flanders
plantagenet-joan-of-acre-with-her-betrothed-hartman-of-germany.jpgJoan Plantagenet
Birth: April 1272 32 31Acre, Palestine
Title: of Acre, Countess Of Gloucester
Occupation: Countess of HertfordHertford, England
Death: April 23, 1307Clare, Suffolk, England
Alphonso Plantagenet
Birth: November 24, 1273 34 32Bayonne, Gascony, France
Title: Earl Of Chester
Occupation: Earl of Chester
Death: August 19, 1284Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England
Margaret Plantagenet
Birth: March 15, 1275 35 34Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England
Title: Of England, Duchess of Brabant, Lothier, and Limburg
Occupation: Duchess of Brabant, Lothier, and LimburgMay 3, 1294
Death: 1333Belgium
Mary Plantagenet
Birth: March 11, 1278 38 37Woodstock Palace, Oxfordshire, England
Title: Of Woodstock
Death: May 29, 1332Amesbury
Elizabeth Plantagenet
Birth: August 7, 1282 43 41Rhuddlan Castle, Denbighshire
Title: Of Rhuddlan, Countess Of Holland
Occupation: Countess consort of HollandJanuary 8, 1297Holland
Death: May 5, 1316uendon, Essex, England
Edward Plantagenet
Birth: April 25, 1284 44 43Caernarfon Castle, Gwynedd, Wales
Title: II, King Of England
Occupation: King of EnglandJuly 8, 1307England
Death: September 21, 1327Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire

Parents Grandparents
Henry Plantagenet
Birth: October 1, 1207 40 21Winchester Castle, Hampshire, England
Title: III, King Of England
Occupation: King of EnglandOctober 28, 1216England
Death: November 16, 1272Westminster, London
Eleanor Berenger
Birth: 1223Aix-en-Provence, France
Title: Queeney Of England
Occupation: Queen consort of EnglandJanuary 14, 1236England
Death: June 24, 1291Amesbury, Wiltshire, England

Ferdinand Ivrea
Birth: August 19, 120119 August 1201
Title: III "el Santo", King of Castile and Leon
Occupation: King of Castile and ToledoAugust 31, 1217
Death: May 30, 1252Seville, Spain
Family group information
Marriage October 18, 1254
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In 1252, Alfonso X had resurrected another ancestral claim, this time to the duchy of Gascony, in the south of Aquitaine, last possession of the Kings of England in France, which he claimed had formed part of the dowry of Eleanor of England. Henry III of England swiftly countered Alfonso's claims with both diplomatic and military moves. Early in 1254 the two kings began to negotiate; after haggling over the financial provision for Eleanor, Henry and Alfonso agreed she would marry Henry's son Edward, and Alfonso would transfer his Gascon claims to Edward. Henry was so anxious for the marriage to take place that he willingly abandoned elaborate preparations already made for Edward's knighting in England, and agreed that Alfonso would knight Edward before the wedding took place.

The young couple were married at the monastery of Las Huelgas, Burgos, on 1 November 1254. Edward and Eleanor were second cousins once removed, as Edward's grandfather King John of England and Eleanor's great-grandmother Eleanor of England were the son and daughter of King Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine. Following the marriage they spent nearly a year in Gascony, with Edward ruling as lord of Aquitaine. During this time Eleanor, aged thirteen and a half, almost certainly gave birth to her first child, a short lived daughter[citation needed]. She journeyed to England alone in late summer of 1255. Edward followed her a few months later.[5]

Henry III took pride in resolving the Gascon crisis so decisively, but his English subjects feared that the marriage would bring Eleanor's kinfolk and countrymen to live off Henry's ruinous generosity. A few of her relatives did come to England soon after her marriage. She was too young to stop them or prevent Henry III from supporting them, but she was blamed anyway and her marriage soon became unpopular. Eleanor's mother had been spurned in marriage by Henry III and her great-grandmother, Alys of France, Countess of Vexin, had been spurned in marriage by Richard I of England.

However, the presence of more English, French and Norman soldiers of fortune and opportunists in the recently reconquered Seville and Cordoba Moorish Kingdoms would be increased, thanks to this alliance between royal houses, until the advent of the later Hundred Years War when it would be symptomatic of extended hostilities between the French and the English for peninsular support.