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Nancy J. Shoemaker Newberry

Nancy J. ShoemakerAge: 78 years18531931

Nancy J. Shoemaker
Marriage statusLawrence Winfield Scott NewberryView this family

Birth of a son
Issac O. Newberry
September 14, 1784 (Age )

Birth March 11, 1853

Death of a sonIssac O. Newberry
November 4, 1879 (Age 26 years)

Death of a husbandLawrence Winfield Scott Newberry
March 29, 1925 (Age 72 years)

Death June 30, 1931 (Age 78 years)

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Newberry, Nancy J. 03 Nov 1853 ~ 30 Jun 1931 (On same marker with L. W. Scott Newberry) (Parents: John Shoemaker & Mary Riggins) *** Corrective Email of 10 Jun 2004, excerpt, "I saw your web site of Crumly Chapel and noticed that you have John Shoemaker and Mary Riggins as Nancy J Newberry's parents. This is incorrect. I am a great great granddaughter of Nancy. Her father was Oliver Shoemaker and her mother was Mary Regan. Oliver donated the land to be used as a cemetary when his three year old son burned in a house fire. Thomas Jefferson Shoemaker was the first person to be buried in Crumly Chapel Cemetery. ~ Oliver Shoemaker was in the Civil War when he either died in the war or died due to some other cause related to the war. He is buried in Chattanooga Tenn. Mary Shoemaker then married John Conner a few years later. ~ Jennifer". [SEN, 10 JUN 2004 - This author verified that Oliver and Mary Shoemaker of 1860 Jefferson County, Alabama did have a female child named Nancy J. age 6 in their 1860 household and that there did not appear to be any other possible Nancy or Jane SHOEMAKER's. The source for Nancy's parents being John and Mary RIGGINGS Shoemaker was this link ( http://www.hueytown.org/historical/cemeteries/Crumly_Chapel_Methodist_Church_Cemetery.pdf ), which referenced, "Angwin Mortuary Center of Ensley, Alabama 1906-1975 compiled by Fred & Christine Shaw Ward in 1996.", as their source. As of 10 Jun 2004, the link still shows John and Mary RIGGINS Shoemaker as the parents of Nancy Jane SHOEMAKER Newberry.]

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