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Katherine PlantagenetAge: 3 years12531257

Katherine Plantagenet
Name suffix
Of England
Birth November 25, 1253 46 30
Death May 3, 1257 (Age 3 years)
Of England

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Henry Plantagenet
Birth: October 1, 1207 40 21Winchester Castle, Hampshire, England
Title: III, King Of England
Occupation: King of EnglandOctober 28, 1216England
Death: November 16, 1272Westminster, London
Eleanor Berenger
Birth: 1223Aix-en-Provence, France
Title: Queeney Of England
Occupation: Queen consort of EnglandJanuary 14, 1236England
Death: June 24, 1291Amesbury, Wiltshire, England
Marriage: January 4, 1236
3 years
elder brother
15 months
elder sister
Margaret Plantagenet
Birth: September 29, 1240 32 17Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England
Title: Of England, Queen Of Scotland
Occupation: Queen consort of ScotlandDecember 26, 1251Scotland
Death: February 26, 1275Cupar Castle, Scotland
21 months
elder sister
Beatrice Plantagenet
Birth: June 24, 1242 34 19Bordeaux, France
Title: Of England, Countess Of Richmond
Occupation: Countess of Richmond1268
Death: March 24, 1275London, England
3 years
elder brother
Edmund Plantagenet
Birth: January 16, 1245 37 22London, England
Title: Crouchback, Earl Of Leicester
Occupation: Earl of Leicester1267England
Death: June 5, 1296Bayonne, Duchy of Aquitaine (now in Limousin
9 years
Katherine Plantagenet
Birth: November 25, 1253 46 30Westminster Palace, Westminster, England
Title: Of England
Death: May 3, 1257Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England

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